Board of Directors

Past President Christian Corl (right) congratulates and transfers the 100 Club   
                to newly elected President, Craig J. Gardella (left)

  • Craig J. Gardella, President                        
  • Raymond LeBouf, Vice President
  • Hita Dickson, Treasurer
  • VACANT, Secretary
  • Christian Corl, President Emeritus
  • Gigi Horner, Director
  • Keith Ordeneaux, Director
  • Lonnie Elliott, Director
  • Dr. Hugh Patton, Director
  • Police Officer Tommy Landis, Director
  • Michael Canales, Director
  • Dennis Wolford, Director
  • Mandy Nichols, Director
  • Justice of the Peace, Roy Castillo, Director
  • Keith Bonner, Director
  • Police Officer Jason Wells, Director