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What is the 100 Club of Pearland

The 100 Club of Pearland supports the brave men & women of the Pearland Police Department who put their lives on the line, day in and day out. 

We carry life insurance policies on each member of the Police Department In the amount of $300,000 if they are killed in the line-of-duty. And up to $100,000 for accidental loss of limb or dismemberment. 

The 100 Club is run by a Board of Directors who volunteer their time and believe in this cause.

Hosting Special Events

Annual Golf Tournament Fundraiser each April. CANCELLED THIS YEAR DUE TO COVID-19.

How to Support our Officers

Please join today! We offer 3 different levels of membership as well as 3 types of business sponsorships for those who want to advertiser as well as join

Take a look at our various plans, start showing your support, and have a positive impact on our officers, their families, and the Pearland Community.

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